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Who doesn’t love to laugh at a public spelling error? This is the story of a woman whose smiling face has been pasted onto a billboard next to a pretty egregious blunder.

Mortgage agent Kristin Handsaeme thought long and hard about putting her face on a giant billboard to promote her London, Ont., business.

“I was was so nervous,” said the Dominion Lending Centres agent. “I thought about putting this billboard up for the last two years.”

Handsaeme hired a designer and settled on a billboard location with Pattison Outdoor Advertising at the corner of Wortley Road and York Street.

It cost “a few thousand bucks,” she said.

But it wasn’t until Tuesday morning, when CBC News called Handsaeme, that she learned there was a “g” missing in “mortgage.”

‘Rushed to meet a deadline’

After her initial shock, Handsaeme was quick to recover and joked, “I want to promise people, you can still trust me to do their mortgage, even though by the looks of things, like I can’t even spell mortgage.

“We put this thing to print really, really quickly. We sort of rushed to meet a deadline.”

Don’t do that, Handsaeme warned. 

Handsaeme said the mock-up she sent her designer did not contain errors, but somehow the version that was blown up, printed and slapped on a billboard was missing that first “g.” 

In an email, a spokesperson with Pattison Outdoor Advertising said, “I want to assure you that Pattison is not taking this lightly!

“Pattison has a thorough process to proof the designs when our design team is used,” the email reads. “When our clients choose to use a third party for the graphic design, the proof reading is between the client and the designer they independently hire.”

Pattison said the company would be covering up Handsaeme’s sign in the next 24 hours, and once a new sign  is printed, it’ll go up without any additional charges.

“I think most people are fairly forgiving of these things,” said Handsaeme. “Mistakes happen and and it happens to the best of us.”

But from now on, “I’ll be asking for those proofs,” she said. “Maybe more than once.”

Once Handsaeme became aware of the error on the billboard, she drove to the location, at Wortley Road and York Street, and snapped this photo. (Submitted by Kristin Handsaeme)

London Morning6:34Good sport shrugs off billboard spelling mistake

London Mortgage Agent Kristin Handsaeme tells London Morning how she is able to look past a glaring spelling mistake on a billboard she recently commissioned. 6:34

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