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An image of an older woman standing on a curb in London, Ont., on a hot and hazy day this week with an city bus pulled over at an awkward angle to assist her is making the rounds on social media.

The post reads, “He was in the turning lane and pulled over across 2 lanes ’cause she waved at him… way to go bus number 160.”

The incident happened at Clarke Road and Trafalgar Street. 

“The operator saw her waving, pulled over, and as it turned out, she was standing at the wrong bus stop,” said Kelly Paleczny, general manager for the London Transit Commission. The driver was able to cross a number of lanes safely, she said.

“She was an older woman and he was concerned about the heat and didn’t want to leave her standing there for an extended period of time, confused, wondering why the bus wasn’t stopping,” Paleczny said.

The driver told the woman his bus would also take her to where she was going, she said.

“She ended up getting on his bus, so everything turned out well. We got her where she needed to go. It was a good news story.”

Sharing positive feedback

During the pandemic, the public has been sharing more positive experiences than usual, said Paleczny. 

“I think that’s people, when they see something good, they want to talk about it because it’s been a really tough year-and-a-half for people,” she said.

“When you see people going above and beyond, it makes you feel good.”

Paleczny said the commission is sharing positive messages from the public on internal screens, to boost morale.

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