Mark Levin: Democrats are running ‘Ponzi scheme’ with $3.5 trillion spending bill

“Life, Liberty & Levin” host Mark Levin accused congressional Democrats of running a “Ponzi scheme” in their quest to pass the $3.5 trillion social spending bill by the end of the month.

The social spending package assembled by Democrats is set to be voted on by the House on Sept. 27. Many details of the legislation remain unclear, Levin said, faulting Democrats for hiding controversial spending provisions in “omnibus bills bigger than any telephone book in America.”

“Something is about to happen in the next couple of days,” Levin told viewers at the start of his show on Sunday. 

“You’ve heard about it in a platitudinous way, but very few specifics. I have spent a lot of time trying to dig up all the specifics…but the Democrats are very good at Ponzi schemes,” the host said.  “In the private sector, if you’re involved in a Ponzi scheme, you go to prison for a very long time. In the public sector, if you’re involved in a Ponzi scheme, you’re considered righteous and compassionate and so forth. And that’s what the Democrats do.”


The legislation includes across-the-board, paid family leave for up to three months, and focuses on climate policy, and various social programs put forward by Democrats.

But, Levin said, little else is known about what the massive bill actually includes.

“In a representative republic like ours, you’re supposed to be able to participate. How do you participate when you don’t know all the details?” Levin said. “How do you participate when you can’t even get into the Capitol building? How do you participate when your own representatives don’t know what’s in the bill? And what they’re going to do is finally put this omnibus bill together, not specific spending bills or specific budget bills or specific authorizing bills that work their way through the process. They lump them all together. They tell members, you got 48 hours to vote on it. People claim they know what’s in it in the media. They don’t have the foggiest idea. And then there’s a vote. It’s rammed through by the Democrats.”

“And the hope is that one Democrat senator from West Virginia and one Democrat senator from Arizona will save the republic. Is that what this country is supposed to be about?” he asked.


Levin later revealed various aspects of the deal, according to his personal research:

1) “The Internal Revenue Service will get almost 80 billion dollars more. They’re going to hire…up to 125,000 employees to monitor you. They want to monitor all bank accounts as well as PayPal’s Venmo, Cash App, etc. Any transactions of six hundred dollars coming into your accounts or six hundred dollars leaving your accounts.”

2) “They want to massively increase the American corporate tax rate on our companies. It’ll be so significant that for many companies, they’re going to pay a higher corporate income tax rate in the United States than they would pay in communist China and virtually every other industrialized country in the world.”

3) “They want to extend the temporary child care credit with additional taxpayer subsidies for the rest of time. This is really considered a foot in the door for a minimum annual income that the government would pay people.,” Levin said. “Think about where we’re going with all this. 

4) “They want to expand Medicare to include dental, vision and hearing and lower the age from 65 to 60. Meanwhile, the trustees for Medicare have said,’ hey, guys, we’re going broke in two to four years. Does Congress care enough? What have they done about that? Nothing.

5) “What else does this bill do? It funds the Green New Deal,” Levin argued. “It funds retrofitting buildings, subsidizing solar, wind, environmental justice and environmental equity, whatever the hell that means. Electric government vehicles tax so-called excess methane. What are they going after? Meat, fossil fuels and so forth. 

6) “They want to subsidize low-income housing,” Levin went on. “They want to create sustainable housing, public transportation. Boy, if that’s not a black hole, I don’t know what is.”

7) “They want to create a  civilian climate court. They want to indoctrinate and enlist in activism, tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of young people to address climate change, whatever that means, this whole degrowth movement,” he said. 


Levin concluded that his research barely covered all the components of the bill and claimed there are many more taxes and “crazy stuff” left uncovered. 

“This is going to change our lives. It may destroy our jobs. It may destroy our lifestyles. It can kill the economy, drive up inflation even further. We have no idea how this is going to work,” he said. 

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