Google’s anti-racism program exposed, considered ‘virtuous’ by Silicon Valley: Rufo

Fox News Primetime” on Wednesday featured Manhattan Senior Institute Fellow Chris Rufo to discuss leaked Google documents promoting Critical Race Theory.

Host Rachel Campos-Duffy provided graphics that were allegedly created by Google’s diversity and inclusion lead. Among them included the claim that “socially acceptable white supremacy includes things like celebrating Columbus Day, the denial of white privilege, and the phrase ‘Make America Great Again.’”

Another graphic alleged that former President Donald Trump is “a few steps away” from supposed mass murderers on the white supremacy pyramid.

Campos-Duffy discussed these findings with Rufo, noting that from the list “half of America then is a white supremacist.”


“I wonder, Chris, is that the point, that you can crush your political ideology and still claim the moral high ground because they’re, you know, racist?” Campos-Duffy asked.

Rufo agreed, arguing this has been an ongoing problem.

“For years now, companies in Silicon Valley including Google are ideological echo chambers. This is what happened. I have documents now from a third of the Fortune-100 companies that are promoting similarly-themed anti-racism programs. And in the confines of Silicon Valley, this is considered not only not unusual, it’s considered virtuous,” Rufo said.

Campos-Duffy then voiced concern over Google controlling nearly all the information flow within the country. Rufo agreed with the sentiment that racial ideology could do damage to American society.

“The reality is, that the culture inside companies like Google matters, and when it’s hijacked by racial ideologues, it can do tremendous damage, not only to Google’s users and consumers but actually to American society,” Rufo said.

Campos-Duffy also asked if there was anything someone outside of the government can do and whether any action conservatives do can affect change. Rufo argued that while private actions are considerable, the only action that can enact change is policy.


Rufo said “The reality is that there are monopoly conditions across many different verticals in the tech world. And this is really a public policy problem. When you have monopoly conditions, even if you are a stringent libertarian, it justifies some intervention, some regulation.”

“What we see inside these companies is that increasingly, the ideology of Google employees is actively hostage to the United States and other documents say that the United States is a system of white supremacy and that everyone in this country is ‘raised to be racist.’ This is a deeply false and damaging kind of thinking. It should have nowhere in America’s biggest and most powerful companies,” he ended.

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