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Do Jessalynn & JoJo Siwa Expect “Too Much” From the Siwas Dance Pop Revolution Contestants? – E! Online

Lights, camera…low energy? 

During the Nov. 30 episode of Siwas Dance Pop Revolution, coach and manager Jessalynn Siwa encouraged her team to practice on-stage before the competition. “We’re the only team singing live,” Jessalynn explained. “We need a sound check.” 

With just 10 minutes to run through the song and dance number, the girls don’t deliver. 

“Something was weird,” one contestant said in a confessional, while her mother noted that the “energy was low” from the team as a whole. 

Choreographer and mentor JoJo Siwa investigated if the girls were choosing not to sing loudly. 

“What is happening?” JoJo said while approaching to the stage during the dress rehearsal. “They do not have their heads in the game right now.” 

Jessalynn started to call out certain team members, including captain Kiya.

“You’re the first member of the group. Don’t ever forget it,” Jessalynn told the young star.  

JoJo added, “Kiya, I just know you can sing better.” 

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